Friday, June 6, 2014

Project 6 C4T Permanent #1

math blogs

Mrs Silvia Tolisano
I chose to read And You Thought It Could Not Be Done : Blogging In Math. In this post Mrs. Tolisano talks about a math teacher who is upgrading her traditionally taught classroom. The math teacher upgraded by creating a classroom blog. On the blog she had her sixth grade math students share different links they found that they thought would help with collecting data. She then had them to create a presentation on the blog analyzing and articulating a story of the data they had found. The students found many tools that could help them.
I replied to her post saying that I enjoyed reading her post. I said that I also had never thought that blogging would work in a math class. I also told her that think that this style of blogging is a very effective way for students to learn and to find tools for extra help if they needed it. I ended by leaving the link to my blog.

The next post I read is titled Back to the Future Project: Life Cycle Snapshots in Target Language. Mrs. Tolisano blogs about a Portuguese teacher. Ana Cortez created a project called Back to the Future for her 7th and 8th grade students. The project was for them to practice their target language during their life cycle unit. The students had to create a fake Facebook page using a fictional character. On the page the students had to announce the birth of the character, during the infancy/childhood years, high school time, adulthood, and retirement.
In reply to the post, I introduced myself. I said this was a great project to help the students practice their target language. Using Facebook was a great way for students to show their creativity ans also a great way to keep the children interested in learning. I ended by saying that I would love to use this project in my future classroom.

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