Friday, June 6, 2014

Project 4 C4T #1

sports equipment

I was assigned  Mr. Brendan Jones who is a P.E. coach I read his blog called Master Coach Mystery Bag Challenge
Mr. Jones is a P.E. coach who uses popular culture to inspire his teaching skills. His latest idea is called the Mystery Bag Challenge. He gets his students to get in groups of two or three. He then gives each groups a bag with random sports equipment. He gives them five to ten minutes to create a game and the rules to the game. When the time is up he lets each group teach their game and then play the game. After playing the games, he asked the groups questions like; What would have made the game work better, What would they had changed if they started over, and What did they find tricky.
After Reading Mr. Jones' post I commented telling him that I am a Elementary Education major at the University of South Alabama.I told him that I enjoyed reading his post. I thought that by letting the students create games and the rules to the game as a group enhances their creative thinking and communication skills.

flipped classroomThe second post Things I am Wondering About, Mr. Jones talked about his experience with flipping the classroom. He said that his students who have been traditionally taught majority of their academic careers, are being asked to do the complete opposite of what they know. The students feel that the new learning style is a challenge. He goes on to say that flipping the classroom is odd for him too. He feels like he is putting much more effort in and no one sees. Mr. Jones said that flipping has allowed them to run six different programs in two blocks. He does not know if he should have tried so many programs in such a short time. At the time of the post he felt like was just keeping his head above the water.
My response: I introduced myself. I told him that I was currently introduced to the flipping the classroom concept. When I first read about the concept I was totally against it. After I gathered more information I became more open to the idea. I told him I feel that it will take a while to adapt to the "new way of learning". I thanked him for his informing post and wished him good luck in his future flipped classrooms.


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  2. First, my apologies. The URL on the assignment sheet was incorrect but you found Mr. Jonesy's site anyway. Great.

    Your summary of his latest post was very well done.

    I could not find his post on Flipping the Classroom. What was the date on that post?

    I removed my earlier comment since I had not yet gone to his blog and did not realize i had provided you with a bad URL.

  3. Dr. Strange I just went back to the site and realized that when I searched for Mr. Jones the second time I was redirected to a different blog. This is the website . Would you like for me to redo this post with the correct site?