Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blog Post #7

GeoGebra is a mathematics and science software used for learning and teaching. It is a free download that covers geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics, and calculus. This software also has an authoring tool that allows creation of interactive learning materials that can be used as web pages.

Scriblink is a free digital whiteboard that users can share online and in real-time. Scriblink is a great collaboration tool. Scriblink could be used for layout planning, concept diagramming, and even tutoring. Features of Scriblink includes: privacy, dynamic tools, file options, image uploader, on-screen chats, voip conferencing, and file transfer.

ThingLink for Education
ThingLink for Education is a safe and efficient online classroom environment. It has a free sign up section for teachers and students. This website help teachers create interactive images to help students develop 21st century skills. The image interaction tools includes tagging tools also. The tagging tools gives photos a new life with music, videos, web, and other fun links. ThingLink allows you to create image collages and add tags that give background information to the images and also to annotate charts and illustrations. After exploring this site I believe that this could be a very helpful 21st century learning tool.
Thinglink Edu


  1. These all sound like great 21st century learning tools! That Geogebra website seems like it would be a magnificent resource for all math teachers to use. Great post!

  2. These are great tools that could definitely be useful in a classroom setting. You gave awesome descriptions of each of the tools! How would you incorporate these tools into your future classroom? Make sure to use Alt and Tag modifiers for your pictures. On page 6 of Blog Assignments is where you can find a link to instructions on how to do so.

  3. I have never heard of any of these educational tools. It's nice to know there is so much out there for teachers and students to be able to learn.