Sunday, June 22, 2014

Blog Post #8

Randy Pausch

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch?

Mr.Pausch's video Last Lecture was very interesting. The question was asked what can we learn about teaching and learning from Randy Pausch. I learned that we must always have something to bring to the table. Mr. Pausch stated "When you know that you're doing bad and no one is staying on to you, that's when they have given up on you", I believe that to be true. I learned as a teacher we should teach "head fake" learning. "Head fake" learning is learning more than a specific topic i.e., sportsmanship and teamwork. I learned not to set a bar for my students but to let them go beyond where the bar would be. Mr. Pausch said that project based learning is intense and fun. He also said that the best gift an educator give is to get someone to become self-reflective. I believe being self-reflective plays a major role in project based learning. Mr. Pausch said to have fun and to never give up. I think that this statement applies to both teaching and learning. Something that stuck out to me the most was his question " Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore. Which one are you?


  1. Good post. I really enjoyed this video as well. He had some great methods for teaching his students that allowed him to build such a successful program. I had never heard the "head-fake" term for teaching but I can see how it could be a very effective way for students to learn.