Friday, May 30, 2014

Blog Post #2

Mr. Dancealot
The central message of this video is lecture based teaching is not always the best way to teach a class. Mr. Dancealot was teaching a dance class using power-points. He demonstrated how to do the dance steps standing behind the podium where the students could not see. When a student stood to practice the dance steps Mr. Dancealot he told the student to sit back down. The author proves his case by showing at the end Mr. Dancealot gives his students a final exam the students where clueless about which dance they needed to perform and also how to perform the dance. I agree with the author's conclusion. I agree because there many classes that require the students to be hands-on and self learners.

Teaching in the 21st Century
Roberts think that teaching in the 21st century means that teachers are no longer the source of knowledge, but are now the filter. Robert gives many arguments on how teachers are now the filters of knowledge like teaching the students to handle the resources,by showing them how to use the technology correctly, validate information, and synthesize information. Teachers are filters of knowledge because they challenge the students to use technology to solve problems, this is done by assigning home work and class work, also by assigning projects that use blogging, podcast, animating, planning, recording, and designing. The last way teachers are now becoming the filters of knowledge is classroom management. Teachers manage the classrooms that now have laptops, cell phones, and iPods the same way as the classrooms that are using paper, pencils, and text books. I feel that the way Roberts sees teaching changing is very likely to happen. I feel this way because the demand for the use of technology in the classroom is increasing day-by-day. I do not fully agree that teachers should no longer be the main source of knowledge. I believe that teacher should continue to be the main source with the assistance of technology. If Roberts is correct the only affects it will have to me as an educator would probably incorporating the high demand of technology usage in my teaching style. I know that the world is evolving, and I may not agree with all the new changes but I look forward to Teaching in the 21st Century.

The Networked Student
While watching this video it put me in the mind of EDM310. The networked student is a self-learner. He has a project to do, but instead of the instructor teaching the knowledge the networked student went out and networked and built his own data base based from the information he had gathered. In the video it talked about the networked student listening to the best professors in the country lecture about the topic he was researching, this was when I thought to myself, "he does not need his teacher". I realized that his teacher is not there to give him the information about the topic he was researching, she is there to assistance and support.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
The thesis of Davis' video is to encourage your students to use any source of technology to learn. Although, before I watched this video I was still kind of against the idea of children using technology to learn instead of the teacher teaching. Davis shows first hand how using technology keeps the students more enthused about learning. After watching this video I am totally open to the major use of technology in the classrooms.

Flipping the Classroom
I had never heard of flipping the classroom before watching this video. I really do not know if flipping the classroom with be useful to me as a teacher. I think flipping the classroom could possibly be useful for the students who need extra help. I think that there are more things at home that could distract the students like siblings,pets, and toys. I was also wondering at what grade level does flipping the classroom starts?

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Practice Blog Post

My name is Aneshia Lewis, I am from Troy, Alabama. I am currently twenty years old, I will be turning twenty-one on July 29th. I have one older brother who has Cerebral Palsy. Growing up and learning how to care for someone with special needs has been a major influence on my personal interests. I have always loved helping and caring for people with special needs. Through the years I have learned that people with special needs are no different than people without special needs, they just need a little extra care, attention, and someone to give it to them . Many people have asked why did I not chose to attend Troy University, my reason is that the University is too close to home. I wanted move away from home but not too far, and the University of South Alabama was a good school that was not too far away but also not too close to home.
When I first began school I wanted to be a Child Psychologist, my plan was to get a job at a child advocacy center to work with the children who had been abused. I quickly changed my mind after taking a research method course.I dropped the class and changed my major to elementary education after taking the first exam and I have been very pleased with my choice ever since. Like I have said before I have always loved helping and caring for people so I believe being a special needs teacher fits into what I am very passionate about. I would say that I do my best at giving advice and helping others with things they need. I would like to become better at managing my time. I am a big procrastinator. I always get my work done but it never fails that I wait until the last minute to do so.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog Post #1- What About EDM310?

I have heard from others who have previously taken this course who have said that there is a lot of work in EDM310. One of my friends who took the class in the fall of 2013 told me that the work is not hard its just a lot of it. She said what kept her on track was staying ahead, because if you get behind it is hard to catch up. I fear that I may not correctly understand an assignment and do the assignment wrong. I can honestly say that I have never taken a course like EDM310 in high school or college. In my previous college courses all of my instructors taught or gave an outline of everything I needed to know. In EDM310 we are here to learn and teach ourselves with the assistance of the teaching staff. I believe that this method of learning is more rewarding, because if there is something you do not know, you learn and teach yourself and when someone does not understand you will know how to explain it to them because you have taught yourself. I think the most difficult thing in EDM310 for me will be not overwhelming myself when I find myself not understanding how to do something. The best way for me to address this difficult aspect is by staying calm and going to the lab when I need help and asking questions when I do not understand. Although I have already overwhelmed myself, I look forward to the rest of this summer semester and becoming a more independent learner.

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