Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog Post #1- What About EDM310?

I have heard from others who have previously taken this course who have said that there is a lot of work in EDM310. One of my friends who took the class in the fall of 2013 told me that the work is not hard its just a lot of it. She said what kept her on track was staying ahead, because if you get behind it is hard to catch up. I fear that I may not correctly understand an assignment and do the assignment wrong. I can honestly say that I have never taken a course like EDM310 in high school or college. In my previous college courses all of my instructors taught or gave an outline of everything I needed to know. In EDM310 we are here to learn and teach ourselves with the assistance of the teaching staff. I believe that this method of learning is more rewarding, because if there is something you do not know, you learn and teach yourself and when someone does not understand you will know how to explain it to them because you have taught yourself. I think the most difficult thing in EDM310 for me will be not overwhelming myself when I find myself not understanding how to do something. The best way for me to address this difficult aspect is by staying calm and going to the lab when I need help and asking questions when I do not understand. Although I have already overwhelmed myself, I look forward to the rest of this summer semester and becoming a more independent learner.

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  1. Aneshia,
    As you said, I too have never had a class where the learning structure was completely independent. I do certainly agree that this will be a much more rewarding experience at the end of the semester. Also, I too need to be aware when I do not fully understand something and ask questions. With the technology we are allowed to use their are many outlets to have our questions answered. Good luck this semester!

  2. Stay calm, go to the Lab, ask questions. A formula for success!

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  4. I can see many of my own thoughts about the importance of staying on top of our assignments as is stated in your post. While the workload does look to be somewhat overwhelming, it can only serve to make us better prepared for our future in education! I, like you, have never taken a course that is modeled in this style of learning. I have found a sense of excitement about the prospect of adjusting to a new method of learning as well as obtaining a more complete knowledge of using these forms of technology. Good luck this semester!