Monday, June 2, 2014

Blog Post #3

How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers watching What is Peer Editing? and Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes, and reading Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial, I have learned that peer editing is given to help one another. I always kind of hold back on my critiques when peer editing. I do so because I feel that I may be too critical and I do not want to offend anyone. Ultimately, I feel that because I do not fully critique my peers paper I am hurting them rather than helping them. I feel this way because their papers only have half the critiques that are needed to improve their papers and not all the critiques that are needed to improve their paper.

These are the three steps to follow when peer editing. Step 1: Compliments, letting the author know what is good and what you enjoyed about the paper. Step 2: Suggestions, giving specific ideas about how to make the writing better. Lastly, Step 3: Corrections, making corrections to spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes, and incomplete or run-on sentences. Following these three steps will really enhance my peer editing skills. Also these steps helped me realize that as long as I stay positive I will not offend any of my peers. Being positive is one thing we must all remember when peer editing.


  1. Aneshia,
    I too feel the need to sometimes hold back when giving peer reviews, especially if I don't know the person well, it can certainly be a little awkward. You run the risk of hurting their feelings or discouraging them from what they are doing. That is why I find the three stages to peer reviewing so helpful. It gives you a precise, rubric if you will, to successfully give a peer review. As you said, staying positive will certainly help things go smoother for both your peer as well as you. At the end of the day, it is in the best interest of your peer that you, the reviewer are open and honest, this will allow your peer to have a better piece of work.

  2. I really liked when you said, "peer editing is given to help one another". I agree Aneshia, it's difficult to peer edit someone else's thoughts on paper. I found peer editing is a guide to make corrections, improve the person's writing without offending them, and give suggestions. I agree, staying positive will help critiquing a paper. I experience writing to be very complicated. I will gain many ideas to improve my writing, by peer editing.

  3. "Ultimately, I feel that because I do not fully critique my peers paper I am hurting them rather than helping them." Right.

    Well done.

  4. Great job on this unit's post! Well written and interesting.

  5. Good post! Great job adding working links and alt/title modifiers!