Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blog Post #6

learning is fun

What do you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps?

The videos Project Based Learning Part 1 and Project Based Learning Part 2 gave me a better understanding of why PBL is used and how it is used. I have learned that PBL is used as a way to get the students to learn something and not something to do at the of a lesson to see if the students have learned the information that was given. PBL creates an authentic audience. Having an authentic audience motivates the students to do good work. The most crucial part of PBL for students is reflecting and revising. Reflecting and revising helps the students understand what they have done and also help the correct and learn how they can do things better the next time. I learned that in PBL you should never limit your students and your expectations. You should always create an opportunity for the students to go beyond what you want them to do. In the iCurio conversation I learned that iCurio is an online tool that allows students to safely search websites. They can also search for images, videos, and online media that has been pulled and filtered for educational uses. Students can also use it for storage. Content that the students my find valuable can be stored and organized in folders, this is a way to teach virtual organization. ICurio is kid friendly and useful for all grades. The Anthony-Strange List of Tips for Teachers Part 1 gave great tips for teachers. The tips that I found useful for me are being interested in learning, as a teacher we will be life long learners; let your work become a fun experience; be flexible and creative because unexpected things will happen; motivate every child to want to learn; and lastly reflection and self-evaluation. Watching these videos has given me information and knowledge that I will carry with me throughout my career as a student and as a teacher.


  1. Hey Aneshia, Great post. I would like to agree with you that as educators we will always be learning new things. Education is such a valuable tool for the youth. As we grow as teacher we should be changing and improving how we teach. Anthony and Dr. Strange tips for teachers are great. I think that flexibility as a teacher is important because not all things go how we plan them. Again Great post, keep up the good work.

  2. Good post.
    "Content that the students my find valuable can be stored and organized in folders, this is a way to teach virtual organization."--This is a run-on sentence. Put a period after "folders" to start a new sentence.