Sunday, June 22, 2014

C4T #2 Permanent

Mrs. Silvia Tolisano
I read Blogging as a Curation Platform. In this post Mrs. Tolisano talked about using blogging as a curation tool. She focused on hoe educators and students could use their blogs to become their own information curators. She first explained what curating is. She listed four uses for Twitter as a curation tool. She said that the uses for twitter will also apply for blogging. Mrs. Tolisano said the only difference would be that blogging allows more freedom with length, formatting and design, and connecting and hyper linking. She ended by giving the don'ts for curators.
I responded by telling her that I had never heard of curating before reading her post. I said that her post was very informing. I ended by saying that after reading her post I agree that blogging would be a good platform for curation.


I read Copyright Flowchart: Can I Use It? Yes? No? If This... Then.... In this post Mrs Tolisano talked about the importance of educators modeling good digital citizenship for their students. She said that it is every educators responsibility to become familiar with copyright, plagiarism and intellectual property. She created flowcharts that are easy to follow. The flowcharts give a clear route to learn the do's and don'ts of copyrighting.
I responded by telling her that I am new to blogging and her post was very informing. I told her that her post gave me a better understanding to copyrighting in the digital world. I told her that the chart she created was easy to read and to understand. I finished by saying that the chart would be useful for future references.

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