Wednesday, July 16, 2014

C4T a #4

Mrs. Diane Dahl
I read Engaging Brains: How to Enhance Learning by Teaching Kids About Neuroplasticity. In this post Mrs.Dahl and a Co-Author talked about how to enhance learning by teaching kids about neuroplasticity. They said that teaching students about neuroplasticity can have a transformative impact in the classroom. They then said that using the strategies effectively produces learning gains, which motivate students to take charge of their learning which leads to further academic success. They said that when students see this process as changing their own brains the result is a powerful and positive cycle. Their strategies for engagement are, License to Drive, Go BIG, Practice Practice Practice, and Room to Improve.
I commented by first introducing myself. I then said that I enjoyed reading her post. I said that she had great ideas and strategies. I told her that I believe that her post will be very useful to me in my future classroom.

Guided Reading GroupsThe next post I read is How to Plan and Schedule Guided Reading Groups. In this post Mrs. Dahl explained how she plan and schedule her guided reading groups. She first determine the student reading levels by taking data from the end of the previous school year. After she gather the data she makes the groups. She then schedule the groups so that can meet with each group at least once a week. Some groups she may have to meet with more than once a week depending on the reading level of the group.
I commented by first introducing myself. I then said that her post was very informative. I told her that her plans are very organized and easy to follow. I told her that I would definitely keep her post as a reference for my future classroom.

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