Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blog Post #14 & 15

Strengths                                                                            Weakness
organization skills                                                                 Stubborn
willingness to learn new things                        not knowing much about different technologies
caring for others
Strengths and Weaknesses

In the next year and a half I believe that I will need to become more open to all of the changes that are going on in the classrooms. I also believe that I should familiarize myself with the course contents in the grade that I plan on teaching. Ultimately I need to become more serious and realize that everything that I am learning about will soon be my reality

In How to Make an Audio QR Code I learned how to create an Audio QR code. I learned how easy and convenient it is to create and use in the classroom. I also learned that there is a very easy to use website to help create the QR Code.

In iPad Reading Center I learned that using the iPad in the reading center is very helpful. I learned that the students use their iPad to record themselves while they are reading. When they are finished reading they play the recording and read along with their recording to make sure they did not make any mistakes. I believe that having iPads in the reading center will help the students become better readers.

In Poplet as a Center I learned that poplet is a free download on the ipads. I learned that poplet is an app that helps the students create web charts. I also learned that poplet helps the students enhance typing skills as well as reading skills.

In Alabama Virtual Library as a Kindergarten Center I learned that the students are able to use the virtual library. They use the library to search different words that they are covering that week. They watch different videos and draw a picture of what they have watched. After they have finished their drawing they have to write a sentence to go along with the picture. Drawing the picture and writing a sentence to go along with it show that the students understand what they are learning.

In How to Make an iMovie Trailer for Kindergarten I learned that even Kindergarten students can make a movie trailer and sometime they can do better than adults. I learned that the students are very excited to learn how to make the movie trailers. I also learned that it is important to teach the kindergarten students how to take good pictures.

In Discovery Education Board Builder I learned how the students create a board on Discovery Ed Board Builder. The board helps the students search, create and enter facts about the moon. It also allows the students to upload images and videos.

In Mrs. Tassin's 2nd Grade Class, Mrs, Tassin's 2nd grade class shared their board builder projects. They explained how they created their projects and where their sources came from.

In Twitter for Educators I learned that twitter is changing the way that teachers are learning. I learned that twitter chat is a great place to learn for educators. Twitter connects you with educators all over the world.Twitter logo

In We All Become Learners I learned that have different devices changes the dynamics of learning. The use of the devices helps everyone to become learners.

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