Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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What Can We Learn From Ms. Cassidy?

I enjoyed watching Little Kids...Big Potential. This video showed how Ms. Cassidy's first grade class use technology. It is amazing to see how excited the students are to blog and showcase their work to the world. In this video the students talked blogging and commenting on others blogs. The video shows the students using the internet, wiki, and podcast. Using the blog helps improve the students writing skills. One student talked about how you should always leave nice comments on other people blogs. I believe the is a form of peer editing at an early age.
After watching this video I watched a three part interview with Ms. Cassidy Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3. In the first video Ms. Cassidy talked about how she first started using techonology. She said said that she was given five computers in her classroom but she could not download any software to them. She researched and found ways that she could use them for her classroom. After researching she created a class blog for her students. I have learned that the students and the parents love the blogging idea. The students love it because they can showcase their work and they know that they are getting comments on their work. The blogs give the students an audience. The parents love it because they can go and view their child's blog at any time and see the progress of their child throughout the year. In this video Dr. Strange informs Ms. Cassidy that some students are not really accepting the idea of technology in the classroom. Ms. Cassidy says that the world is changing and technology is here to stay. In video 2 Ms. Cassidy said to use things that you are interested in to connect with others using technology. If you are more interested in writing you should blog. If you are interested in using videos you should use youtube. In video 3 students from EDM 310 asked Ms. Cassidy questions. In my future classroom I would like to have a class blog for my students also. Having a class blog would help keep the parents informed on what their children are doing and they can also keep up with their progress. Having a class blog will also help the children build their communication skills, collaboration skills, as well as their peer editing skills. I also feel that having a blog helps you stay more organized rather than having piles and piles of papers everything is organized in digital folders.
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  1. Good job! What difficulties do you think you might run into when incorporating technology into your future classroom? Be sure to proof read your work before you post it.